Furrion Vision 2 Wireless Observation System

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The Vision 2 Wireless Observation System from Furrion is built with the latest in wireless technology for clear pictures and no interference. Digital wireless technology with 100'+ range Direct pairing for uninterrupted connection Vibrationsmart resists vibration and shock Climatesmart for extreme climate situations Waterproof 12V camera with wide angle lens Its digital wireless technology has a range of over 100' for reliable streaming. Receive information without any interruptions thanks to direct pairing connection capabilities between the direct monitor and 12V camera. This system has five times signal stabilization and processing than others to provide high-speed observation. The camera streams to the 4.3" LCD color display monitor for confident driving.

At night, see your area clearly thanks to infrared night vision. The camera is equipped with a sunshade to reduce glare. Its wide angle lens and adjustable camera angle improve your visibility at the back of your vehicle. Vibrationsmart technology is designed and tested for vibration resistance, while Climatesmart is designed and tested for extreme climates in order to handle every outdoor situation. The system is also waterproof with an IP65 rating. An external antenna provides long distance signal transfer. Safety tested and FCC certified. This Vision 2 Wireless Observation System also includes a mounting bracket for the camera to improve ease and efficiency.

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