Dicor Patchit RV Roof Repair Maintenance Kit

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Developed in conjunction with Carlisle Syntec Systems to make repairs in the field, the Patchit Roof Repair Kit enable easy repairs of punctures, tears and breaks that can occur in the roofing of recreational vehicles and manufactured housing. The kit includes a peel-and-stick EPDM rubber patch, a tube of lap sealant and a feathering tool. Designed to be versatile, it can be used to patch metal, fiberglass and EPDM roofing.

This Kit comes contains White Peel-and-Stick EPDM Rubber Patch for the repair of RV/Mobile Home Roofs Constructed of:

  • Rubber
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Fiberglass

White material has a protective coating to be peeledoff to reveal pure white product

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